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    TAC MicroNet VAV Flow Balance software

    Can anyone please help me with software downloads for the invensys / siebe / TAC micronet VAV flow balance software..........please help me!!!!!

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    What exactly are you looking for. I have been with Schnieder former TAC for 3 years and have never seen balance software. We can write pgms to correct some balancing issues but balance software, im not sure.

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    the software is the interface balancing tool for calibrating the flow device

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    I have seen some LNS plug-ins from TAC which deal with calibration/set-up. Having said that they didn't work and TAC couldn't get them to work either.
    Eventually we gave up on th TAC variant and got hold of the old Invensys/Micronet controllers. They look the same on the outside but are completely different on the Lon Wire
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    You need to get the software Workplace tech by TAC version 4.0 and better, to be able to due balancing on the Micronet controllers.
    The software is properiatary to TAC(oops!!!!) Schneider Electric now.
    Put your email in your profile(not in post) and will sned you some information.

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