Two that come to mind are george brazil and mike diamond. Some in these shops will actually make over 100k per year. So now you have names, am I still a liar in your eyes?

Wake up and smell the coffee folks if your only going to believe what the union is telling you and want to call us that know better liars then so be it, live in the dark. Problem is most people spend more time shopping for a new car than they will shopping for a job. Once most people get settled into the union life, or what they think is a good job, they think they are at the top of the food chain and they quit looking.

If your making 50 per hour don't expect overtime, if you do get called out after hours most of the time you will make a part of the emergency fee but don't expect to make 75 or 100 per hour. Overtime is usually avoided within any shop anyway. If the shop is large enough you'll only be on call for a week every month or so.