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    I'm fresh out of school. I know the basics and am trying to get my foot in the door. It just seems like the door is one-hundred times heavier than my foot. Why is it no one wants to hire people just out of school? I think that it's better that way seeing that you could teach them the way you want them to be taught. I have an HVAC certificate from my school in KCMO and am Universal certified from esco institute. Yet everyone asks for 3 to 8 years experience. Where is the HVAC business going to go if newcomers aren't allowed?

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    Many of us hire trade school grads and totally untrained people.

    Tell us exactly what you have done to find a job in the trade.

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    I have applied to about twenty different jobs. Not getting any response. I call, I fax and email resumes. Only to hear that they want experience. The college I went to is like a trade school. I am 12 college credit hours away from an associate's degree only needing the general classes. I thought it was illegal to hire people with no knowledge in this field?

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Have you posted your resume here,searched the contractor ads by state section,for companies near you?

    Tried HVAC Agwent at the top of this page?

    Post your resume here,and lets see if someone here knows someone near you!

    Try emailing the trade papers ,Contracting Business is sponsering HVAC-Comfortech,in St Louis,this Sept 15-18,I sure they'd want to hear from a tech grad. ,that can't find a job,since it's a major topic at every national meeting,HVAC contractors complaining they can't find enough help.

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    I have posted resume at HVAC Agent. Not here though. I didn't know you could do that. Thanks for the information.

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