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Thread: "GOODnTIGHT!"

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    >Anyone notice what's wrong with this picture?

    The piping from the Tee looks like galvanized as well..


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    Re: Draining Water Heaters

    Originally posted by nc hvacman
    On electrics you can remove the bottom element-QUICKLY thread in a 1 1/2" female with ball valve attached that attaches to LARGE drain pipe. Cut on ball valve and it will drain in a flash.Especially after you remove the TandP and inlet and outlet lines. Much better than draining out of the garden hose drain.

    SHAAAAZAM!! What a great idea! Which gives me another idea...on Gas water heaters, why couldn't you unscrew the thermostat and drain from that opening?

    I seem to get the water heaters in a garage, you know...the nasty buggers on a stand that refuse to drain. A rig like you're talking about could save lots of bucket time!

    Back when I was young(er) and foolish, I used to manhandle the (full) tank to a place near the floor drain and break off the drain valve.

    Wanna guess why I don't do THAT anymore?

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    Smile Wanna Guess?

    Because your back hurts like mine I guess....

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