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Thread: R-507 high temp

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    R-507 high temp

    I have a 30ton chiller used to cool welders they have an R-22 System now and want to go to R-507. Im not sure why yet but one of the Engineers read about doing this overseas. And my question is my suction temp is usually around 65 and I use R-507 in low and med temp applications but has anyone tried it as a high temp refrigerant.

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    I have never heard of 507 being used as a high temp refrigerant. Maybe he meant 407, which is commonly used as an r22 alternative. 507 running a 40 degree suction temp would be 90 psi. I couldn't imagine the compressor liking that too much.

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    I sure you already did this but did u use aPT chart

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    I talked to them about 407C as an alternative but they are stuck on 507. I have heard of velocity issues at that high of suction pressure and temp. I am not afraid to try to use this but want all info i can get ahead of time. And i am aware that the oil and txv's must be changed the compressor is rated for both 22 and 404 so no problems there. The comp originally had POE but someone has a sticker labeling it with a AB MO blend in the system.

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    there may also be electrical changes (wire sizing, breakers, fuses, etc) well as pressure reliefs, perhaps some tubing size changes (that depends on a lot of factors)

    is the barrel rated for the higher pressure? some are not.

    why change away from 22?
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