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Thread: andy kaufman

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    check the link, he might be coming back

    would be pretty interesting if he did show up, we will just have to wait and see

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    heard about his return thing on the radio, would be funny

    if its true

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    I heard Jim Morrison, Elvis, and Dale Earnhardt plan on attending also.

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    I also heard J.F.K. was gonna be there.

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    Might even be a guest appearance by Jimmy Hoffa.
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    Never understood why Kaufman was so popular, not that funny, just a goof.
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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Never understood why Kaufman was so popular, not that funny, just a goof.
    Yeah, I always thought that about him, too.

    I think the big attraction were his comedy cahunas. He would do ANYTHING that HE wanted, to get a laugh. Problem was, he wasn't really all that funny, so he was usually just entertaining himself.

    I always thought he fit in better on SNL than Taxi. He was almost always in the background on that show, but every once in awhile he'd deliver a one-liner that would just make me crack up.

    But, he didn't write those jokes/comments, he merely delivered them in a sillyass voice.

    Would be funny if he really did fake his death, and showed up at that party, but I wouldn't hold my breath...

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    He wasn't one of my favorites.
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    Jim Jones is their spiritual leader.

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    I thought it was funny when he was the Intergender wrestling champion. His wrestling matches with Jerry "The King" Lawler, were pretty funny also. But he WAS a goof.

    Any one ever see Larry The Cable Guy? I don't care who you are, that's funny.

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    Sounds legit if anyone cares

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