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    Hmm Do you load em in your truck when you leave?

    Originally posted by no8no3
    The accounts i bring with me when i go are worth three times that. That's not even close to what our 2 year guy's clear in a year. You guy's must be living on the beach.
    Are you saying you will bring 300k a year worth of accounts with you?; and the ad should read Service Manager Wanted 1/2 Mil a year? You must be living next door to Mr. Bush in a mansion, Governor Hvac.

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    sounds good to me!

    Originally posted by joblady
    Service Manager needed for Tampa company. Residential AC, installation and maintenance. Manager will supervise 15 techs and 5 admins. Looking for strong leader! Do-what-it-takes attitude with strong multi-tasking and attention to detail. Great with people with positive attitude. Position pays between $40-55K. Negotiable.

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    Negotiable, I am very positive!

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    what company in ft myer you were at that has that many tech there only 2 that i no of?

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