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Sounds like you have found a good job that is challenging. PTL.
Challenging.... yep!

I went back this morning to do this. On the way there I had to get parts for that. Then once I arrived at the store, I was told to get ready for another call that just came in.
As I'm working I get another call saying I should forget EVERYTHING and go run this call for an ice cream line up which is totally down!!!

So I drop everything and run off and find a whole rack is down. The 480 breaker to the rack had tripped!

I get it back online safely and learned a valuable lesson. I didnt have to front seat the suction service valves on each of the four units! I could have simply closed all the ball valves on the suction header and then opened them one at a time once I restarted the units.

That would have been easier.

Found a really bad contact on unit four.

Why would someone put a 90 AMP contactor on a unit drawing 18 amps??????????