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    yup, I worked for mcnamara, enjoyed working with them, at least in nb the school and gov't oversight meant something, ok not perfect but what is
    though ontario would have even better control on things,...
    bigger province, population, funds... more advanced, (been away for 20 years...
    wellllllll, they are way behind
    yup can't buy refrig without the odp, and wholesalers are there to check for them,
    like wow, anyone can get one...
    want to send your grandmother in to pick one up....
    I was told when getting the odp in nb that it was good nation wide, but ontario opted out of the national deal
    $$$$$$ money on our own cash register sounds better
    so there system is soooo much better
    I have work to do, you should see some of the quality workmanship up here, most places I go -no one knows how to adjust a txv, (oh you can adjust them) and superheat, super what
    anyway say hi to jason and mell next time into refac, they will know who it is

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    Stoney Creek, Ontario
    I used to work for higgy wiggy, cant say hi to jason, been up here in hamilton for a few yrs now

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    ODP= OutDoor Plumbing.

    You guys sure are backwards. We have Indoor plumbing in America, now.

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    Talking dave

    well we are your neighbour to the north, but alittle behind on such matters

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