I was hired by a contractor to do the recruiting, interviewing and hire new technicians. This is the first time I have been in the position of performing these duties myself and having total authority to do so by myself.

I placed ads in newspapers, visited HVAC tech schools and made a number of phone calls to instructors. I got a great deal of response from all quarters. However, I sure have been shocked at the total lack of quality applicants wanting a position with our company.

The number of guys attempting to pass themselves off as technicians has been amazing. Most don't know enough to perform even the simple tasks much less send them out in a service van alone.

I taught HVAC fulltime for many years prior to taking on this new recruiting and hiring project. But I never realized how difficult it is for a contractor to find qualified technicians until I was put into the position of doing the interviewing and hiring myself.

I am now more convinced than ever that NATE Certification is a good thing. If a NATE Certified technician was one of the applicants I would probably grab him or her up in a minute. At least I would immediately know that the technician actually knows something, can read and has enough upstairs to pass an exam. That is far more than I have found among the many applications I have received.

I am all for NATE Certification as one tool to be used to determine that a technician is at least THAT qualified.

What do you think?