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    Potentially replacing my Climatemaster Vertical Water-source

    I recently had some technicians check out my Climatemaster tranquility series vertical stack water-source heat pump (composed of chassis and cabinet), because it was cooling my condo down only to about 75-77 degrees F. Based on two numbers being close together (possibly voltages or refrigerant pressures) and a history of bad thermistors on these models within my building (mine was replaced two years ago), the techs assessed that the problem could potentially be solved by replacing the thermistor ($350) or, more likely, by replacing the TXV ($950).

    I'm considering the following options and would appreciate recommendations and any other insight:

    1. Replace either thermistor or TXV and hope that does the trick
    2. Replace both to make sure the problem's fixed
    3. Buy a new chassis (is this possible? would a new chassis include new thermistor and TXV parts?)
    4. Buy an entirely new unit (might have to knock out some drywall if the cabinet cannot be removed via the cutout already there)

    I don't know what size the unit is, my guess is 3/4 ton (2.6 kW) since that's the smallest available (my condo is small) for that particular model. Part of me wants to buy an entirely new unit from another maker since I don't really trust Climatemaster to be reliable, but I don't know if I have a choice. Also, for reference, the thermostat is Climatemaster.

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    We put in a lot of ClimateMaster Tranquility units but I'm not familiar with anything in the 3/4-ton size??? The smallest I've encountered is 2-tons. But that's not the issue. First, ClimateMaster has overall, an excellent reputation. The use subcontractors to manufacture components and I've noticed that they've had a bad spate of freeze protection (P-3) sensors recently and we've also had to replace a couple of TXV's on the water coil side within the last year. You're service company should be able to determine if the TXV is responding or not. Sound's like they're guessing a little, hence your appeal to this website. If the TXV fails to adjust refrigerant flow during start, the P-3 sensor will shut things down in a jiffy. that's a bad TXV, not a bad sensor. They need to put their gauge set on the unit, take the sensing bulb off the line and warm it in their hand and see if the pressures change. If yes, it could then be a sensor issue. If no, then it's the TXV. But changing the unit? I think that's a little extreme at this juncture. I sympathize though if you can't get knowledgable service techs. That can get frustrating.
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    Thanks for your input. I plan to have a different service company come and take a look at it (recommended by a friend) to see if they can determine the issue, keeping in mind that it should be possible to tell whether it's the txv. That situation you're describing where the p-3 shuts things off in a jiffy sounds like what might be happening. Is the P-3 the same as a thermistor?

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    Yes..P-3 just identifies where the sensor goes on the board....Climaemaster is a very reputable manufacturer, just sounds like you need to get a different service tech, which I see your doing.

    Parts are available, and if it is indeed the chassis, highly doubt that though, those can be replaced.

    Good luck

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