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    I search for this but could find where it had been discussed before.

    Please tell me about the protective coating on condensers units (and by this I also mean the outside HP unit). What does it protect the coil fins from? Most important what, if any, harm is cause when it is removed with coil cleaner?

    This has occurred a couple of times under the watchful eyes of HOs. I tell them it runs better without the paint coating on it. What is the truth?

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    I did work for a York dealer in Cancun. They did what they called Tropicalization of units painted all the coils, fan blades of the condensor and outside housing metal. Then they used a grease and slopped it around the fan motor. I only was with them for a 6 month contract so dont know how much it helped but it was $125 us dollars to have it done. But in salt water areas like these forget the 10 year compressor warranty the housing metal and fins wear away so there will be nothing left to bolt a new one too. You can always go to a non acid cleaner that foams but might not eat the coating on the condensor or ask the mfr what they recommend.
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    The non-acid foaming cleaner we use does loosen the coatings if I mix it too rich. Worst is York, next is Carrier. I don't use as high a concentration anymore. We clean the condenser coil every year, so it doesn't need to foam to get realy clean.

    I also wonder what will happen to those custom uncoated coils. I've seen the coating separate, then clog the fins. Then I have to blast it off with lostsa water.

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    Tempstar comes with salt treated coils, I have found goodman to be the worse for the paint coming off.

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    3 coatings to consider, Adsil, Blygold or Heresite

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    Originally posted by hvac45
    Tempstar comes with salt treated coils
    Sure isnt helping here. The newer model Heil/Tempstar's are one of the worst at the ocean as far as coil seperation goes

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    Originally posted by csiinc
    3 coatings to consider, Adsil, Blygold or Heresite
    Worked part time for a company that speciality coated units, small splits to chillers, we used Heresite and also Carboline
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    Just dip the whole condensor

    in a can of "PlastiDip".

    Ya can even get purdy colors.
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    Just use a hose, that other stuff is over rated.
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    Spinefin, nothing better
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