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    Circon expired LNS license error message help

    I am getting an error message on a Circon system that says that the LNS license has expired. I can log in to the system but cannot view any of the devices. I ran a utility that shows the system is -1 on credits.

    How do I add credits to the system?

    Are these the same credits as LON credits?

    Can I add them with Lonmaker?


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    Yes the only way the LNS license can expire is if you have been running in deficit credits for more than 15? days.

    You can add credits by running c:\lonworks\bin\lnslic.exe
    Fill a form, contact Echelon, pay, get a code back, run lnslic.exe again with the code provided. You have to buy a minimum of 50 credits.

    Yes they are the same credits as LON credits.
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    Thanks for the info.

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    LonMaker and LNS device credits are not the same

    LonMaker and LNS software from Echelon support two distinctly separate licenses and credit pools; one for LonMaker, a different one for LNS.

    You are suggested to reference the Echelon knowledge base article for license and credit problems.

    need more help than that, call LonSupport at
    800 258 4566 (08:30 - 16:30 Pacific Time)

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