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    Question MSEA Lonworks integration problem

    Hello guys, my first post here at the forums, looks like a great site for getting ahold of information and discussions.

    To the problem at hand, I am currently integrating two DX9200D controllers to a NAE35 via Lon-Bus. I have set the units up with the correct Domain adresses and have used the autodiscover function online on the NAE to discover the units, and after this added all the field points. also via autodiscover. I am somewhat self learned on Lon integrations so please excuse me if I use the wrong terms.

    The problem occurs with the field points I have added, where the readings I get from them vary between showing the correct values and going to a "fixed" random value every 4-10 seconds or so (one point varies between the correct value and 0.6 deg.C for example). Every point I bring in does this, even binary values (binary values vary between 0 and 1). The points list up with a status of reliable and normal in focused view (except points which vary between the correct value and a value which is out of range, these show up as unreliable), so I`m guessing there isnt some kind of disturbance on the bus which is causing the problem.

    The Controllers I am integrating are programmed by a third party, but upon opening the programs they seem to be correctly set up with SNVT`s. In addition there is a third controller by a different manufacturer installed on the bus, this one should be in the correct domain as well, I havent tried bringing this one online yet.

    Any help on the matter would be well recieved. Thanks in advance!

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    Do you have the correct resource files?

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    Duplicate address

    My guess is that you have 2 controllers with duplicate D/S/N addresses. You mentioned a third controller, which was probably set up in it's own database as 1/1/1. Your existing database is probably using nodes 1/1/1, 1/1/2, 1/1/3 etc...

    All devices residing on the same LON cable need to be in the same database for that reason, they all need commissioned with the correct DSN addresses. Once you add all of the devices into your LNS, the problem should go away.

    The NAE sends a message to 1/1/1 for a temperature, and a different controller sends back a digital status instead. The NAE accepts a first come/first serve response. It doesn't use the Neuron ID, just a standard DSN message. Any controller can respond, as point information is not broadcast, only thier values..

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    Thanks for the replies,

    the problem laid within one of the DX-9100 controllers, it seems the guys who installed the controllers did not download one of them with the SNVT`s. Anyways I downloaded the controller with the right program, and I changed the DSN addresses so that each unit has a unique one. This sorted out the problems.

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