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Thread: Which cooler?

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    Still looking to buy a small floral walk-in.
    My big hang-up is what insulation is better:
    Polystyrene (styrofoam) or Polyurethane foam?
    I have read that polyurethane has been recommmended often, but also that liquid can permeate urethane - something very undesirable.
    Why are most cheap coffee cups made of styrofoam, not polyurethane? Is it because urethane is too costly or is it because it cannot contain/hold water?
    I'm looking at SRC Refrigeration out of Michigan who uses polystyrene and Bush Refrigeration out of New Jersey who champions polyurethane.
    Here's your chance to voice your favorite manufacturers

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    Stay away from Bush! I installed a walk-in floral cooler they sold (leased) to a customer a few years back. Cheap evaporator, didn't like the way cooler assembled. Good door and condensing unit tho. Slow pay too.
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    I think you will find that the white stuff (styrofoam) will absorb moisture, become water logged and become a very poor insulator.

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    Installed over a dozen boxes made by SRC, there a good box, and very good for support. Never had any problems with there boxes that we installed. Plus there more than willing to work with you and help ya out in most anyway they can, just my experience with them....Eric
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    Thanks for the input; I have decided to go with SRC Refrigeration.
    Supposed to be delivered around June 7th.

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    You will be happy with SRC. Good company..

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