Hey yall....got a call to a KM and I forget the model number of the machine. It was not making any ice and it was beeping 3 times and then repeating. Well the reason he called was that the beeping was making his employees about to quit and walk out the door. I figured he would have called about no ice being made but then what do I know.

Anyway he told us what it was doing and then he said I take the cover and push the reset button and the compressor comes on. I was curious then and asked him to show me this reset button. He did and went right in the control panel to the contactor and pushed it in....and the compressor come on and then he let it go and it quit. So I informed him that is a contactor and not a reset and I was not about to show him the reset on the control board.

Machine was low on gas. So I weighed 6 ounces in and we have normal pressures. I am guessing someone had a long set of gauge hoses that last worked on the machine. Could not find a leak anyway. We get called to this place when the "jackleg" I mean the expert cant fix it. LOL