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    I was doing the final hookup of all the junk mounted to a 27hp copeland. When I went to mount the low pressure control, I found this unusual protrusion coming out the backside of the case. It was a tek screw! Someone had attempted to mount the control using a 1/4" head tek screw and run it into the 10 gage mounting plate on the front of the compressor!

    They mis-judged their clearances and ran the screw into the side of the floating plate which is crucial for the control to operate correctly.
    In other words, they bungled the job.

    So when the control no longer functioned properly, they simply jumped it out!
    I only found this by pulling the front cover.

    I am positive my service manager didnt do this work. But he was the one who replaced the last unit. And it loasted only three days.

    Since this was on a rack where multiple compressors are staged on and off using their low pressure controls, could this control being jumped out have anything to do with the new compressor going to ground in such short order?

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    Not likely, though.

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