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    Rest in peace Bruce.

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    Rest in peace Bruce we will miss your leadership and guidance in the CFC

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    My condolences to the Norman family and all of Bruce's friends and associates. We will all miss him.
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    I'm fairly new here, but I've already learned that this is more of a community than it is just a message board. My condolences to Bruce's family and friends and to all of you here that knew him and called him a friend.

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    I just returned from 3 days of meetings to hear this, no words can describe the sadness I feel.
    I met Bruce in person only once, at Comfortec in St. Louis and I still remember our walk to the Tapas restaurant with other friends from the site.
    I feel very fortunate to have spent a few hours with a giant in the industry and more so to have spent a few hours with a giant of a man both in heart and soul.
    Although I only spent a few hours in his presence it was very easy to tell that he was a man who had a great passion for life and a great passion for the industry.
    My first reaction after reading of his passing was "Oh my god, I can't spend time on the site for awhile, if ever again, simply because I never realized after one personal meeting and many, many hours of email correspondance and chat on a site you could feel so emotional about the loss of someone you really never spent much time with personally.
    After a few moments of letting it sink in I heard a voice..."I've asked you guys to watch the site when I go overseas, cross country or just been to busy, now I'm asking you to watch it while I go on my next journey"
    I'm here my friend, I'll be watching the site until it's my turn to take the journey, and when I get there, the Tapas is on me.

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    I spoke with Bruce many times on the phone over the years and did business with him for a couple of years.

    He's a stand-up, honest, trustworthy, and kind-hearted guy.

    RIP Bruce.

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    I am at a product training for UPG products this week which is pretty intensive. Today, I had a dificult time keeping my mind from wandering to thinking about the relatively short times I've spent with Bruce.

    My wife was just asking a couple of weeks ago if Bruce was going to be at the Pittsburgh get together for members here. She has been wanting to meet Bruce for a while because of my talking about him. If I am rambling on this post, it is because I am really sad that I will never be able to interact with Bruce again and just don't know how to accept that.

    Once again Bruce; Godspeed.
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    I don't know Bruce, his family or friends but would like to offer my condolences.

    I have lost 2 people close to me to aneurysm's, It's never easy to lose someone, but seems so much harder when it is so fast and unexpected.

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    It's been a rough two days for me. The times that I spent with Bruce will always be cherished. I'm gonna miss the big guy.

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    Note sent via jrubio.
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    So sorry to hear of this
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrbenny View Post
    It's been a rough two days for me. The times that I spent with Bruce will always be cherished. I'm gonna miss the big guy.

    2008 I think I was there lol. Had lunch and met Bruce then. Super guy. Sorry I didnt know him better I missed a lot it seems.
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    Posted on behalf of the Norman Family

    To all of Bruce's Friends and acquaintances here:

    I've had a chance to view all of the responses and wish to thank everyone for all of the kind words about Bruce.

    As I still sit in tears of grief it makes me happy to know that so many of you knew truly knew just how big of a heart he had. He did for others out of shear goodness with nothing expected in return.

    He was without doubt the kindest person I've had the privilege to know in my life. There was nothing and I mean nothing that he would not do for me. He loved me purely and 100% unconditionally (not an easy task if I say so myself). My son and I were is first and foremost in his life and I am grateful to have been a recipient of his love.

    Bruce's mother who lived with us died one day short, of one month prior to Bruce and this is a lot to bare. But I know he is watching over me and I still have him to lean on from afar.

    Bruce's wishes were for cremation and a private burial which has been decided will be at sea, one of his favorite places to be

    Thanks to all of you again for your well wishes and prayers. It means a lot to me.

    Bruce's fiance`,

    Wendy (aka Dana) Skiff
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