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    I know Bruce wouldn't want nor expect it but I cannot help it. I'm crying my eyes out--it's just so not fair that someone so ... vibrant ... can have something like this happen.

    Yeah, even I can cry. I'll definitely remember Bruce with good KARMA and know that he's leaving a big hole around here...
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    Me, too.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Bruce, rest in peace. You will be sorely missed.
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    Very sad day, I'll miss arpa's insight. Tried my best to meet him..... G'night Bruce, rest easy.
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    This shock is being felt coast to coast.

    Our sincerest and deepest condolences to Bruce's family and friends.
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    Prayers from here. Terrible loss
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    Rest in peace, Bruce. You will be missed.

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    Very sad............Best wishes for the family....
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    Any Idea where will the services be held? Please post or email me when you find out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frozensolid View Post
    Any Idea where will the services be held? Please post or email me when you find out.
    Bruce was not married but had a fiance' named Wendy who moved in with him shortly before they were to be married. When Bruce found that his Mother was ill he flew to be with her. He picked up her and all of her belongings and brought her to live with him. Several months later she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died about a month ago.

    His mothers wishes were to be cremated. Bruce had the same wishes.

    It's a little early as of right now but as soon as I have more knowledge of the arrangements I will post here.

    For those who wish to send a card or other please use his business address at ARPA.

    Family of Bruce Norman
    c/o Arpa Support Services, Inc
    12800 N.W. 38 Avenue
    Miami, FL 33054

    If you would like to send an email to the family you may do so. Julian, his business partner, will gather them and make a portfolio and give them to the family.
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    I never met Bruce in person but have had numerous exchanges with him on this site. The testimonies in this thread confirm what I suspected...that Bruce was a cool, calm, collected, big-hearted MAN among men with a leadership capacity far beyond the norm.

    Be at peace, Bruce.
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    Rest in peace

    Although Bruce may be gone, his memory will live on through the members of this site and others he touched during his time here. Rest in peace, Bruce. You will be missed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    Dave's latest news on Bruce wasn't good. We need all the positive energy & prayers headed south fast. He said he'd know more later after talking to Mrs. Bruce.

    Anyway, on a positive side, here's a shot from Atlanta Comfortech with Bruce posing with one of the cuties hired by a vendor!
    Gosh, I remember meeting him!

    I am truly sorry for the passing of a fine man. My prayers and sympathy go to the survivors.

    Hopefully, we will see him on the other side and enjoy some stories from this life.

    Lusker; THX for posting and updating.

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