One week ago I knew nothing. Nothing! When it came to HVAC I was "plenty ignorant without making a job out of it." But the one thing I did know was how to look for things on the Internet.

So then I found, which led me to alt.hvac, which led me to, where little green anteaters invite you to talk hvac. (Dam*, I've still haven't bookmarked!)

I scoured two-months' worth of posts, learned what I didn't know I didn't know, and felt comfortable enough to post a question amongst some generous professionals. Even got some encouraging answers.

And then, when necessity becomes the mother of invention, it brings you HVAC-calc. by Sir Don Sleeth. Hello. Wake up those brain cells, get those tape measures ready, we're leaving the lurker sidelines and going pro-active. We're taking matters into our own hands, we're doing our own manual js, we're.....ooops....looks like my contractor estimates are oversized. Or are they? Do I know what I'm doing? Summer grains of what??? Dry climate? Latent Heat Gain? Doh! I am so drowning.

Better than a Millionaire Lifeline: hvac-calc. support straightens me out. I may even understand the numbers better than my contractors. Great. But guess who has to get them back out here to show'em my fancy paperwork. Ha. Is it too late to go back to knowing nothing?

Just wanted you all to know that, just when you think you can't bear to see another "Is this a right price?" question, or a "What brand is better?" query from us cross-eyed homeowners, and boring and braindead might come to mind more than btus, oh excuse me, btuhs, you do make a real difference for the modern, wired, consumer.

In fact, the more you all help the consumer, the more you all help the consumer's HVAC-Calc.-less contractor! And the more HVAC contractors who get HVAC-Calc. the more time I have to juggle bon-bons with my toes! Hoorah.

My adventure into the HVAC-world of informed consumerism isn't quite over. I still have a few dragons to slay, but thanks to a heck of a lot of princes, this damsel is getting to be dam* smart.

Ciao for now,