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    First of all I am not an HVAC person. I am however A Master Electrician and Industrial Controls Engineer. I have a Cornelius AF-750-P-MH Flake machine which seems to have a compressor problem. When power is applied the compressor hums for a second then the overload trips. A minute or so later the overload resets and it starts over again. The shaver motor runs but the compressor fan does not. I have checked the compressor with my meter and it is not shorted to ground. I have not tried another start capacitor but I have checked the Cap with a meter and it seems to be ok although I don't know if this is a true test or not. I have nothing in this machine as I bought it only for the hopper to use on another machine but I would like to get it running if I could do so economically to use at my deer camp. Any suggestions? I tried the hammer treatment on the compressor with no luck. Thanks. John

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    try this first

    Sounds like the compressor is locked up. Check the amp draw and see if it is pulling LRA. If it is there's only one thing to try. Pick up a Supco SPP5 start capacitor w/ built in relay (you might need bigger depending on HP and voltage) and install across the existing capacitor. Start and test. If its still pulling LRA then you'll need to replace the compressor.

    Good Luck,

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    Haven't checked the current draw because my amp probe is at the shop but did check the line voltage when the compressor tries to kick in and it drops from 115 to around 85 so I am assuming there is a pretty good amp draw.

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    You said enough when you said Cornelius. I hate walking up to a Cornelius but good luck/

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    now you probably know why someone sold it ..... however that compressor will never start if the voltage is dropping that much.

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    your compressor is locked up as the earyier reply test will comform that.

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    My fears have pretty much been confirmed. However I have absolutely nothing in this machine so there is no loss. It's just that it looks exceptionally good and I hate to see it go in the junk heap. Any estimates as to what it would cost for a new compressor? Thanks again for all the info and the fast responses. I also have an old scotsman flake machine that I need some parts for. Don't know the model number right off but will post another message when I get it.

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    Replace the machine.

    That thing, and any made by that company are nothing but recurring headaches, often escalating into aneurysms, that take years to build before they pop.

    Any brand, and I do mean any brand, other than Cornholius will be fine.

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    Where's Diceman when you need him???

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    With a capacitance meter, test your run and start caps, out of the circuit.

    If and when you decide to install a booster start, make sure you hook it up in parallell with the RUN CAP!!!

    However, it could all be a mute point. What Dave said is quite true ....Corneluis is crap.
    And you will be presented a medal of recognition for hitting it with a hammer!

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