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    All will be revealed in Dallas on 29 Jan 2013 at Eddie Deans ( at 2pm, immediately after the CTA awards. Please come along to the CTA (and vote for us!)

    In addition to the Workbench, there will be TWO Non Niagara tools, one from a company in Australia (as attached) and another one from Maxline. All can be seen in Dallas on 29th Jan 2013 at the launch of the FG Beast series.

    We are doing fine, business is booming and many new products on the way.

    On the Beast, it is very powerful, it cruises through big APPs, and scans every object 128 times per second, even when there are more than 250+ objects.

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    Is it possible to program without being live with a controller?

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    Yes, it will be possible via the new Third Party Tools. These will be displayed on the 29th Jan in Dallas.

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