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    I'm not in the HVAC business, I know more about automobiles, and in more recent technology, computers and software. When I was still working in car dealerships, I dreamed of the day some programmer would get a clue and design proper software for the industry.
    Been away from dealerships for better than 10 years, and some still got old green screens!!!! Even new dealerships are being equipped with worthless software that, in many cases, is the same crap that landed on my desk 20 years ago!!!!

    I'll get to the point, some of you contractors out there might be hesitant to spend the money for this HVAC calc 4.0 software.....well, take an outsiders view, with a good understanding of it's capabilities from just a couple hours of messing with this software, I'm ready to buy stock!!! If we had software that was designed with this much thought in the auto industry, I might have never left.

    Now I am not any kind of salesman, have no ties to the software in anyway, never even heard of it till a couple nights ago.....I'm just writing this opinion to advise people in the HVAC industry that YOU ARE LOSING MONEY AND BUSINESS WITHOUT THIS SOFTWARE!!!!!! I know it sounds expensive, but it has a couple very usable features that make it worth it's price. I'm willing to bet that any company that is now using this software as intended, is now reeping the rewards greatly. I'm willing to bet, if a company compared their gross profits to a year using this software, to a year previous without this software, not concidering company growth and higher prices....I'm willing to bet that not only will it pay for itself in that amount of time easily, but that it will also save the company time on estimates, problems after installs, will make them look more professional, and in turn allow a higher growth potential, which means more clientel, more profits....etc.
    If you think I'm full of hot air, you're right!!! BUT I suggest you try it out for yourself, as I said before, I know a little about software, and this stuff has time saver, lifesaver, and profit written all over it!!!!
    P.S. Technology is a cool thing, only problem is, those who snooze will eventually loose.....Just ask Bill Gates!!!

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    Well, uh, blush, blush, thank you dneed411! Would you like a job?

    don sleeth - HVAC-Talk Founder
    HVAC Computer Systems
    Heat Load Calculation Software

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    Me, too, Thanks Don Great program. I purchased it and used it to replace a 100,000BTU forced air NG furnace with a Payne 91% efficient 36,000BTU(rated) condensing furnace in an 880 Sq. Ft. house in 2003. It has run & performed flawlessly ever since. The first 2 HVAC Contractors I contacted to do the job tried to talk me into replacing the furnace with an identically sized unit. I used to work HVAC and since they obviously didn't know who they were talking to even tho I was right in front of their faces, I "built a fire" under them. The 3d Contractor worked with me after I supplied them with the load calculation and they confirmed it. They got the job. Competence is always rewarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Sleeth View Post
    Well, uh, blush, blush, thank you dneed411! Would you like a job?

    Aren't Canadians the most polite people?

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