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    Sault Ste Marie, MI
    First person in the cold U.P.!

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    Grand Prairie,TX
    it said it worked but after refreshing I don't see my location.
    does it require a login or pro membership?

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    Waaay Cool - I'm on a map

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    Cool Map!!!!

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    I'm marked !

    Whats really cool is that I am on a job in Tuba City on the Navajo rez and as the world turns on luskers posts it shows Tuba City. It must show whos on line.

    Some Talk, Some Do
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    Orange County, in a Galaxy far far away...
    Finally put my name on the map!

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    I don't see my self on the map, but I think it may be best if I only say really good things about my employer from here on out. LOL. Anonymity brings out the worst in ppl.

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    On the map! Cool feature.

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    Confused I am looking for a professional opinion

    I am self employed with a high school education. I have taken some college classes at HCCC. I have just recently moved here and could not fing a job that paid more than $10.00 per hour. I cant live on that. My fiance goes to USF full time and I pay the bills.I was forced to find any kind of work so I got networked with property investors here in tampa. I have 15 yrs Experiance doing home repairs on rentals. I am now working pretty steady on 1099. Self employed I do my own books, bids, and invoicing.

    I would be a great asset at any company but it is so hard to find one that pays well with a future. So many employers are used to employees who take advantage of them. Therefore Good hard workers have to stay under theradar to make a decent living. Or work for pennys.

    I am currently making $25,000 per year in Tampa Fl. I work for myself I do home repairs and maintenance. I freelance. I want to provide a better life for my kids and target the HVAC service field with the biggest market, without having a huge staff and overhead. I am looking to get into the HVAC field. I want to do service calls working for myself without a big company " legally"

    I want to know the best way to get started with my HVAC education. There are so many different HVAC programs and degress where do I get started?

    All of the tech schools certificates and Hvac degrees cost like 30,000. I do not want to get in crazy debt just to make a living, like I am now with a huge student loan to pay off.

    What is the best school or company here in Tampa FL, that would give me the best education on HVAC not the shinyest diploma????

    Arent there any good Employers who know how profitable it is to replace themself with self seficient, motivated, driven individuals?

    The best way to learn how to fix anything is to do it over and over and over.

    A school can charge as much as they want for an education there are still people out there with college educations I see them all the time holding a sign on the median.

    The HVAC business is just like any other its all on who you know.

    So here I am I thought before I do anything I would belly up to the social network and get some feedback.

    Is it still worth getting into the business??
    or do I just keep on keepen on.

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    Read the site rules here:

    Repost in the general section.

    Welcome to HVAC-TALK!
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    I reposted my own thread. I try to follow the rules Thanks !

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    how does this thing work??

    where will my question show up and how long befor ui see some kinda answer??? sorry im very new to this

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    It will show up in the forum you post it to, almost instantly.

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