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    I was in the motor room where a coworker and myself replaced a grounded unit two weeks ago. Didnt know why it went bad. It just did.

    Today I am there for a meat case. Half the case is warm, half is fine.

    I decide to take some temps and pressures at the suction header, above and below the EPR.

    Looks fine. Then I go and measure the temp at the suction to that brand spankin new unit. FIFTY degrees! And the suction header,R22, was reading eight pounds!

    Please, somebody slap me .... but that's something like 74 degrees of superheat @ the compressor!

    How the heck is that even running this long?

    My employer just took over these stores. So I realize it is a work in progress.

    I guess those who worked on this rack before us never used theri "Secret Decoder Ring"!

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    bryan l Guest
    well considering R-22 Med temp compressors are rated for 60 degree SH, 74 is not that bad really. its not great, but its not the end of the world. what was the disc line temp 6" from the head? THATS the one you should be watching. keep it below 220, 225. Seen MANY MANY MANY racks with 75 degree SH at the compressors.

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    I just picked up on something you were saying. You got 2 cases out on the line for that circuit, the one circuits is fine, the other offline. All other racks circuits running good. Go to that case first and work backwards, instead of looking at the epr. You will learn to isolate either circuit, case, or rack.

    As far as superheats that high. Hey man, I've seen pumps run with higher temps for very long periods of time.

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    Is that a low temp meat case?
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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