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    Zone Mangler Help

    Hey all,
    On friday I was attempting to reload a Zone Mangler and was unable to get the point info through to the C-Bus side. I checked all the c-bus mapping and went so far as to un-map and remap all the points to make sure that the mapping was correct. When I was done I re-commissioned and tested all but to no avail...Attempted translating and exporting from car several times and redoing the whole process but again to no avail. I am planning on heading back to the account tomorrow...any suggestions??

    By the way I am using Care 7.01

    Thank in advance!!!

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    We quite using the zone managers after care 2.01. there are specific steps to reload these. I always had to go into evision, and do some work there? Was this upgraded from an old version of Care?
    If it aint broke dont fix it!

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    When I reload a ZM I do the following:
    1) reset the ZM with the reset button
    2) set the controler c-bus address and set it "request download"
    3) in CARE export to ZM
    4) in E-Vision import from CARE
    5) in E-Vision update ZM files
    6) recommission controllers if needed from E-Vision
    7) back in CARE load the ZM program (do NOT translate before doing this)

    Are you running E-Vision in Windows XP, is your care.ini file set up correctly?

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    Make sure that you have followed my procedure carefully.
    If you lost ity. let me know and i will leave a new copy on your desk

    ** NOTE: If you have downloaded a Zone Manager and do not have valid information (points displaying zeros), delete the files with the extension PRA in the root of the Care folder and repeat the download process. Duplicate PRA files of the same Zone Manager can exist within the Care root folder which will not present clearly the current translated and updated file.

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    Talking Silly Technician

    Perhaps I should have heard echo's of the god of thunder whicpering in my ear "take it off the C-Bus when you load it"

    In any event I did not so as is typical when learning the old fashioned way...I worked until I figured it out. Appears that communication traffic on the C-Bus was fudging things up....Took it off the C-Bus and it loaded 1....2.....3...

    Thanks for the assist all...

    (And of course I had worked through the procedure....I know that procedure by hearts!!!)

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