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    Distech RTU-L with Bypass Damper

    Has anybody used a Distech RTU-L Controller with a bypass damper and VAV boxes?

    Everything is working OK except the bypass damper. With a static setpoint of 1" and static pressure of 1.7", I could not get the bypass damper to move (was stuck at 0%).

    After playing with the duct pressure PID loop settings, I was able to get the bypass position to 50%, but then it would stay there even after large changes in static pressure and/or setpoint.

    I am not fimiliar with Distech PID loop settings. All of their literature shows examples for space temp, nothing for pressure.

    Any help would be appriciated.

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    I've done it lots of times and it works fine with the default PID parameters. Recheck your settings.

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    With a little help from tech support, I figured it out. I had origninally used the "Changeable NV Manager" to change the SNVT type for my duct pressure input to "SNVT_press". Apparently I should have used "SNVT_press_p".

    Once corrected, everything worked normally.

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