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    FYI McQuay OPM -> MIG -> Jace

    I had asked a question about this a while ago and got no answers (as far as i remember). This involves Microtech I controllers through an OPM -> JCI MIG -> Jace

    The warm/cool adjust point read fine on the NCM showing (3,2,1,-1,-2,-3) but randomly we would see numbers like 65533 shown on the Jace. I finally got around to looking into it again and finally noticed it was only when a negative number was shown and sure enough 65533,34,35 are a 16bit equivalent to those negative numbers. Why is it doing this? I dunno but it was easy enough to compensate for.

    Our fix was to delete the numeric points and make new enumerated points to make it look normal to the customer. Now i don't have to say "No Mr. Customer, it is not trying to make your room start on fire."

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    We also have Microtech I controllers with OPM, JCI MIG, and JCI NCM. Do you have a custom table for your MIG? I don't see a point in the McQuay Applied Rooftop table for warm/cool adjust.

    Also have you found a way to schedule the units through the MIG? Are you reading the McQuay units on both an NCM and a Jace?

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    We just took the points that were mapped int the NCM and put them in the Jace (our project was to remove NCMs/NAEs from the school district and replace them with FX60s).

    We are using the standard SG_UVNT table for the unit ventilators and i believe one of the schools also has a table for a chiller.

    We are scheduling them the same way the NCM did including our own logic to change set points at night as unoccupying them just seems to make the fan cycle ( i may be thinking of a different issue on that part, 2 other guys did most of the work on this one).

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