I'm having an awful time trying to maintain a pair of these so-called pieces of refrigerating machinery that are installed in Upstate, NY.

Mysterious refrigerant leaks

Suction Service valves that ROAR refrigerant out of them when it gets cold, then hold tight when you look at them differently? haha.

The panel on the unit says each circuit holds 300lbs R-134a each. Then if you check the Carrier manual it says they hold 240lbs each when used with the flat plate condensers (which I have)

So after I removed what little charge was left in each circuit, made leak repairs, and recharged them according to the Carrier manual, Now I'm getting HIGH PRESSURE trips.

How about ICE BUILDING ON THE Wye Delta starter contactor interlock and preventing that circuit from starting!

Anyone have this kind of BS happen on these things?

Is the Touch Pilot the worst control interface? Or is it just me?

Is it even REMOTELY POSSIBLE to work on the controls without getting electrocuted based on the disgusting manner in which they were wired?! The electrical panel is right on the ground with all the wiring STUFFED up behind all the components??

How about the control power transformer that's wired on the LOAD SIDE of one of the compressor breakers, that way if you want to work on that compressor, it kills control power to the ENTIRE MACHINE!

Discharge isolation ball valves. REALLY. They all open on machine startup even if only one compressor is going to run? What's the point of that then?

Comments from Carrier guys? People with experience?

Thanks fellas for the discussion.