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    Make a Contribution Please... help them get over their tragic loss

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    That's one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. I laughed my azz off and even posted it on another forum.

    Below I reproduced to text some of the more salient points from the video:

    1. It's the moment that every parent with a 20 ft. snake fears most and one that you can't possibly plan for.

    2. I was painting our study. We were converting it so that Zack and the snake could have separate rooms.

    3. You never think that a python is going to bring your family anything but joy.

    4. It's the sort of thing you think that only happens to other people with a 300 lb. python.

    5. We tried to be safe parents, you know we would never let Zach by the pool unless he was supervised by either one of us or the python.

    6. Yes I just keep thinking what if I had checked on them before I went out shopping and then to the movies.

    7. We even thought about keeping the snake outside of the house, especially since he ate out Boston Terrier a couple of months ago or so.

    8. Even if I could go back, I know there was nothing more I could have done differently.

    9. It's been hard on all of us, and the snake. Jaws is like a son to us. He misses Zach very much. You can see it in his eyes.

    10. Just love your kids everyday because you never know when God is going to invite them up to heaven through your snake.

    11. Well, if you at home would like to help the Shaw family, you can visit our website. There's some instructions there on how to help defray some of Rich and Lucy's expenses including the expense of the purchase of a much needed therapy snake for Zach's sister Ann who is having some difficulty coping with the loss of her brother.

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    Parents of the Year?

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    This can't be real is it, no one can be that stupid.

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    That's hilarious

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    I think the best part, is Zach posing with the snake in his Holloween costume.

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    Might be funny if it had not happened in Central Florida ,a few months back.

    Child crushed to death by pet snake, that wasn't caged safely.

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    are the commentators being sarcastic or do they truly believe what is coming out of their mouths?

    " you couldn't have known " -- really?

    " you can't blame yourself " -- then who?

    and the parents, " we would not let Zach near the pool unless one of use OR the snake was watching him " -- is the snake going to save him or call for help?

    survival of the fittest and the snake is it.

    I did not watch the entire thing before commenting, so now I know it was a fake.

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    The video was on the onion news network. A production of the Onion, a spoof newspaper. This was satire.

    There was a child crushed a python in real life.
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