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    Exporting Lon Points To Bacnet Via Jace

    Is there and easy way to overcome the 1-N error? I am trying to export things like nviValveOverride and other enumerations that go from -1 to say 20.
    I know bacnet only allows 1 and up. I have tried linear conversion but that does not work. I have buit some logic to do it which works but just curious if there was an easier way.

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    I don't know whether one of the enumerations of the valve override is an "auto" but -1 is generally a "null" value. If your point is as I desribed you can simply go into the lon point and change the enumration facets in the Lon point and get rid of the -1 and use the auto enumeration as the fall back. I've done just that and it worked in my situation.

    You could always just create a point and add 1 or 2 to it and do some programing to subtract the 2 prior to feeding it into the nvi valve override. You can even set you pseudo export enum point so the descriptor facets match the valve override facets but with just a physically higher enumeration.

    Either way is a fairly simple solution.

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