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    Just to keep folks posted - Loytec found a couple of problems and will correct then in veriosn 4.xx.

    We're still working with Loytec on new issues found.

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    Regarding the Red Lion panels. I spoke with their tech support and they do not support cross subnet communications. They do have a panel with two ethernet connections that could talk to two different subnets.

    Apart from this the panels are great.

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    Is anybody aware of the "DPAL BACnet, error" on a ME-215 deivce. I am not able to scan any network device or object. the error lodg shows following error message-

    Could not configure BACnet interface (DPAL error 200)!
    LGTW: Fatal Error: Could not start DPAL BACnet, error 39!
    Could not start BACnet DPAL (lgtw)!

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    BACnet/IP? Put in a gateway address.

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    What's the end result of this situation? Has anyone use these screens on more than 30 devices? Does anyone find them polling for master well past the master?

    I am using this on the MSTP bus, but will try and and put a contemporary controls router and convert to IP and see what happens. What has everyone else's experience been with these and BAcnet MSTP?

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