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    I am working on a walk in 6x10x7.5 Polar-Pak by Kolpak. Its a beer and food cooler for a hot wing place. The stat is set to 32 to 40, there is some frost build up on the evaporator from opening the doors. The evap. fan keeps running while the compressor is not running, the frost melts and the water gets sprayed allover the floor from the powerful fan.
    There is a dripping pan allowing water to evaporate behind the compressor on top of the cooler, but for unknown reason the pan overfills every once in a while and then the floor is covered with water.
    Ive adjusted the TXV to 8 SH, it seems to run perfect except the water on the floor

    Thanks for your help, Walter.

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    1. 32 is too cold

    2. The drain pan might be overflowing coz too much moisture is getting in the box?

    3. Install a door switch that shuts off the refrigeration and the evap fans when the door is opened.

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    You can try stamding a roll of Bounty paper towels up in the drain pan to wick the water up. Has worked on some Sub-Way step-ins. Run the evap. drain line somewhere if possible.
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    Thanks jhd1234 and selfemployed...

    Thanks jhd1234 and selfemployed,
    You both are on the right track.

    I would like to install a drain system with a pump, the condensing unit is on top of the walk-in; actually in the attic with almost no space... But Ill try the paper roll trick first, could save my b.
    Polar Pak ask for ambient <100, but on a regular summer day there will be probably more than 120 ambient. I may have to install an attic fan as well.
    jhd1234 is right, Polar Pak coolers are designed to work at 38, but this is too warm for beer bottles.
    Thanks for your help, Ill let you know what happens walters

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    Don't use the condensation pan under the compressor, run the condensation line to a floor drain.

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