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    SIT 820 Nova Mv Gas Valve Thermocouple

    OK guys, admittedly far froma pro. But i can change a therrmocouple.

    I have a 2004 Desa gas fireplace using the 820 gas valve above.

    Pilot will not stay lit and I replaced the thermopile as they are readily available.

    OK, will search for a thermocouple. Ended up with a Direct Vent Fireplace Fine Thermocouple SIT 820 NOVA. Well, it doesn't fit. I twill not thread int the valve as it's too large. It was also a copper tube type. The exisitng T/C is a white insulation over a copper wire with an 8mm coarse thread fitting at the valve and a 4mm temperature probe.

    Sounds simple right?
    Well, where in the world do I get one?

    I would never have thought that finding a thermocouple would turn into brain surgery!

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    It seems like you have an eye for detail, too bad you didn't read the rules of this site in more detail.
    Karst means cave. So, I search for caves.

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    Thermocouples are mated to the pilot assy. and valve and therefore not interchangeable. You can drastically affect the dropout rate. Tinkering can void the warranty and listing.

    Hire a pro or leave it alone.

    As our resident cave hunter said, no DIY here.

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