First of all I live in michigan and I have been in Florida and found the people to be no different than here. Infact in most cases have found southren people more pleasent to be around,not as up tight as northeners Although I did run into a situation I simply did not see comming from somebody in Naples. This gentleman called me to see if I would be intrested in working for him and after a few long conversations I agreeded to make the trip to Florida at my own exspense,he said he would have to confirm with his brother and would call me back he called me back WELCOME ABOARD 15 dollars an hour to start the van cell phone.ETC.
and my brother has a friend in real estate setting you up with an apartment.So I talked to the wife she said go for it when you get set up I'll come down so I took what money I could get together and left for Florida. After breaking down and stopping to see my sister I arrived to find this gentleman on vacation and his brother telling me I never agreeded to hire you just to interview you and there was no apartment. I stood there in total shock and just about broke simply could'nt think stright. How was I going to get home this ******* had the nerve to say to me no biggie stick around I'm sure you can find a job. where was I going to sleep or shower for that matter. I guess my point is that there are jerks all over the place there is nothing you can do about them just don't let it change who you are or the commitment you made to your self to be the best you can be.As I'm typing this thread I'm finding graditude in the fact that I was able to repair my van and get home.I would still move to Florida and still have the commitment to myself and whom ever I worked for, except this time it's money up front.The one thing I always seem to find is when it gets busy employers want you to bend over backwards to bail them out but what are employers willing to do for there employees or pontenial employees and as far as cost of living being cheaper down south pretty much not true it was true 10 years ago not anymore although you do get a little more home for your money depending on where you live.

04-27-2004 09:11 PM

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