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Thread: Pay rate

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    Why should a man have to prove himself time after time? And cost himself 80 bucks a week untill you decide he's worth it? Is this a common practice where you are? I would have thought references would have been enough...Am i wrong? Here in the mid-south nothing is retro...You get what you get and have to threaten to leave to get more.

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    Certainly an instructer should understand that wages vary accross the country based on supply and demand as well as cost of living.
    Your comment may be true in St. louise but make you look a bit foolish in VA.
    a gal of premium gas is under $2.00 here, average 2,000sq home 100,000 Groceries are reasonable.
    You should try and get out more.
    NO8NO3 until you have proven yourself to me, you are still unproven, why would you think my company standards are the same as the last company you worked for?

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    Pioneer....I'm wondering if your standards are a bit too high....Not being critical here, but i can talk to a guy for 30 minutes and tell if he knows anything, and put the laziest guy we have with him to see if he can get anything accomplished in a days time. I have 30 years in the trade, and often have worked for people a LOT less knowledgable than me. Should i withhold my experience from them? Should i work only to the level of pay offered? Should i then after receiving a raise, make my work ethic retroactive?

    If your going to cut anything on the front end, It should be benefits, truck, uniforms, days off, etc... That way, the guy can at least make a living while waiting for your decision....Just a thought...

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    It's not my responsibility

    How did it become my responsibility to make sure an applicant can make a living, I'm not in business to supply each wanna-be tech in town with 2 weeks of good pay.
    I am looking to give good pay to the right person for a long term.
    It’s great that you have the ability to mystically know how good a tech. is in one day; I require a little more time.
    The fact is that if the Tech. can do what he says in the interview he/she will get the retroactive pay, if they can't then they have either mislead me or over estimated themselves at which time I have to determine what if anything they are worth to me.
    The only way the tech. is not making a living is if one of these occur.
    Why do I need to accept the risk of their overestimation?
    Granted there are cases where they may have enough references that will substantiate their greatness for me to offer the top rate when they apply, but in most cases I want to see it for myself.
    A woman has the last word in any argument
    Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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    does anyone use pre employment tests? out fo the 8 interviews i recentely had, 5 of 8 had tests, another guy brought be up on a roof of one of his acounts, just to show me what he works on. a few jobs where commercial, and i only have residential experince. on commmercial guy said i don't expect you to do good, but you don't claim to know commercial either so it is ok. some tests where good, another was a lot of reading comprehention, and you didn't always know what was being asked. NOT ONE TEST WAS HANDS ONE. did not seem to get the we will see what you can do after a month and give you more money thing though. i am part for and part against it. i don't like to feel like i am in a microscope, and don't like supervisors watching over me knowing they are judgeing every move i make. at the same time i have met some good bullshipers that sound convincing. so i guess it comes down to whether you like the place that is offering you a position and what they want you to do. push comes to shove you can take it or leave it and if you are a good tech then it is the companys loss not yours if they meet you hiring expectations, not yours.

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    "Don't mess with me,” you say. We were talking about service tech. pay and you refer to HVAC Mechanic pay. What’s your point? HVAC Mechanic make less then the garbage truck driver to. SO!
    Mechanic here is a "Tin Knocker" no offence to those who do this, but a service Tech here makes about $20.00hr. for a top-notch residential/light commercial person, In fact I interviewed with a very good Tech. today and the pay I offered was right in line with what he was expecting.
    I have been running this business since 1990 and I can't imagine how I've gotten by up to know without your %tile information.
    You must be the only guy in the world that thinks plumbers in Chicago make the same as plumbers in Lumberton, NC.
    A woman has the last word in any argument
    Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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    You shound not have to prove you self to any one but you self.The hourly pay system is all wrong hvac45 & I thank dash pay buy the job if you don't work then there is no money in it for you if you work then you will love this system.Imtd I don"t know any hvac mechanic or ceiling tile installer that make 50,000 a year if so let me know where.I have talked to pioneer in privet he pays a good wage and sounds like his co. would be a good place to work.Pioneer a garbage truck driver no thanks a tin knocker yes I am but most tin knocker will become service techs then go on to own there own hvac co. just like you.You have to start some where

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    Pioneer...I'm not trying to change your mind about the way you do your biz, And at 20 an hour it really makes no difference, the tech that would settle for that would of course agree to less to start. Rates of pay vary widely from place to place, our 2nd year apprentices make more than that. We've found that in order to keep the really good tech's we need to have a system in place, that rewards our tech's. We cannot accomplish this with automatic distrust from the start.

    Your going to get the occasional crack head, and the guy's that just know the "big words" if you know what i mean, but such is the case with any company that hires beyond their immediate family. We simply ax the less than desirable ones, and move on.

    A few years ago i took a job under similar circumstances, but told the employer up front, that i would take the job, but i would continue to keep my ear to the ground for something better, and if the money was not forthcomming, would have to leave. He agreed and the 4th week later i did just that. This was a good company with little to say bad about, but the fact that he waited that long to evaluate my skills just cemented my resolve to leave in a quicker fashion. I still get calls from the guy wanting to hire me back.

    If he had come off the money, I'd probobly never left.

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    I can see why you would leave if he promised you something and never delivered, but if he told you upfront that you were being evaluated for 2 weeks at the end of which you would be given an addition $2.00 per hour, and the $2.00 would be retroactive from the day you start, would you have left before the 2 week trail was over? If so then you have not given your employer a fair trial.
    You stand to loose nothing in this case unless you have misrepresented yourself; even then you are only out $160.00.
    I feel that it takes about two weeks to evaluate an employee, sure you can give them a test to give you some idea of skills, but how about how they react with your customers when you are not there? Do they treat the employees at the supply houses you use with respect or do they come through the door barking demands?
    Do they operate the vehicle with your company name on the sides in manures that potential customers will remember in a negative way?
    There are a lot of things to consider when hiring someone new, I just don't feel I need to be the one to sacrifice while these considerations are being made.
    After all if an applicant chooses not to accept the trial period they can always continue looking, if the do accept they usually are glad they did. (Speaking only for my company of course).
    A woman has the last word in any argument
    Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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    I don't know what information you are talking about; I am talking about hiring a service Tech.
    Just as much a benefit to the hiree as the hirer.
    I am looking for help to get more work done; he is looking for a means to support himself and family.
    I really can't see why so many of you are afraid of a trial pay period as long as the agreed pay is retroactive, and the trial period is reasonably brief.
    A woman has the last word in any argument
    Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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    you all can go at it but i will add my 2 cent. was at a customers house yesterday, another guy was there he owns a small company started as plumbing and water treatment. had a lot of people asking for a good hvac co, so he started doing that also. he pays employees good. i work for the big place in town, overall pay sucks, nobody is happy with it, most are to chicken ship to do something about it. there are good techs, that make decent $, but for the area it could be a lot better. i looked into moving(west. ny to charlotte NC), first place i talked to said they could not pay me what i am making, put if i beat flat rate and bring in XX$$ i can make more. funny thing is flat rate based on $15 more an hour than where i am at know. ok cost of living is less. talk to a few other places, we will pay you anywhere from 8-14% more than making know, add about 10% to that for cost of living being cheaper. i say why the f am i still making what i am. but the bottom line is supply and demand. where i am, sunday paper 2 hvac postions adverticed is a lot, charlotte, min 10-15. huge difference. so when you all talk about $$$ alone it is not 100% fair. pay rate where i am is prob more on some web site, but there are at least as many techs as there are jobs. a place where there is a shortage of techs, name your price, regardless of any avg pay per hour website, even if it is the gov. Supply and demand dictates wages and prices for serv.

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    That is where this conversation started; I mentioned that wages differ with supply and demand and cost of living.

    lmtd, my position is not defensive, I mean I live here, how could I possibly know more then you do about the pay scale in this area? Perhaps because you are assuming that the industry is structured the same throughout the country,
    Perhaps you just like to argue a point no mater which side you happen to be on.

    As far as my comment about a $20 tech. needing to bring in $60 of course this is an average, but maybe you are only capable of bringing in 200.00 a day.
    You know, if you make so much money, yet can't see how you bring in more then a published hourly rate for each hour worked you are SAVERELY over paid.
    Or do you sell parts for what they cost you?
    You tell me, which is it, over paid or under educated.
    See how a simple conversation with apposing views can go to pointless accusations. Why don't we just agree to disagree and drop it? I'll keep doing it my way, and good luck to you with yours.
    A woman has the last word in any argument
    Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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    Originally posted by hvac45
    I happened to hire a super tech 6 months ago, he wanted 20, I offerred him 18 for 30 days, if he could do what he said I would make it retro, after 15 days I called him in and gave him 22, plus a bonus. I haven't had the priveledge to work with his talent and attitude in years. Now if I could find one more.
    The world needs more stand up employers like you

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