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Thread: Pay rate

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    I appreciate your replies, everyone. I just found that kind of job I was speaking about. My problem has been the fact that I am young. There are two types of people out there in the world, the one who work for a paycheck, and the ones that care about there job and have ambitions. It did not take long for me to realize that I am one of the latter types. If I tell you I know everything I would be lying, but, I try my best and put forth the effort. People who have been in the business for 40 years still make mistakes! You just have to figure out whether they will admit it. Retroactive pay is not guaranteed nor really implied, it is just expressed to get you on, therefore you have no time to find something else and end up settling with what you have.

    Thank you for the person who stated get what you want at first or you'll never see it!

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    If you do not agree with this issue then you must be living in a nice area. I am in Charlotte, NC. I desired to make 45,000 a year with great benefits. Anyone who will work for less than 20 an hour and pay the outrageous medical insurance is out of their league. They might as well go lie back down in bed, it isn't enough to get out of bed in the morning for!

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    Where in NC are you?

    We are looking for residential & light commercial service technicians with commercial refrigeration experience.

    Sen me your resume to

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    Originally posted by no8no3
    Why should a man have to prove himself time after time? And cost himself 80 bucks a week untill you decide he's worth it? Is this a common practice where you are? I would have thought references would have been enough...Am i wrong? Here in the mid-south nothing is retro...You get what you get and have to threaten to leave to get more.
    I know "I'm preachin to the choir" by saying whenever you have to make threats in order to see any positive results... there is certainly something very wrong with management!

    This thing with respect and wages is akin to the old Feudal system of Europe during The Dark Ages!

    When I was contracting, I usually paid a man a fair wage.
    There was this one contract though ... an "all inclusive" with a C-Store chain.
    I probably never should have gotten involved. But I did. And with me, so did a couple of workers. This contract was brutal.
    The money was poor and judging by what these two were worth to me, they were seriously underpaid.

    But they were never threatened!
    They were never called on the carpet!
    They were never belittled! At least not by me.
    They were treated with respect and dignity.

    If I felt that my employer was demonstrating that same brand of dignity and respect for me today present employer ... there is little I would withhold from my service for him.

    As an industry, we need to revamp how we are charging our corperate customers. Our major chain markets for one thing.

    To hell with the unions. If we're gonna have them as our reps, we may asw well ask Uncle Sam to step in and regulate wages.
    Augh!!! May it never be!!!

    No ... what I think we need is to hire some prostitutes to go to the bargaining table in our stead!
    The major as well as the minor service contractors who are taking such a beating on market accounts ...they need someone who is savy with handling corperate business deals ... and coming out on top!!! (Pun not intended!)

    Cause a whore would never stoop as low as some of the refrigeration service techs who are today working below poverty wages performing service work on super markets! All because they love thisline of work and their bosses happen to be lacking the skills to make a good deal.

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    Re: Re: Spidy perhaps there is a reason

    Originally posted by lmtd
    Originally posted by Pioneer

    Hiring a tech. at $20.00 and then having to fire him in two weeks is a waste of my time, I would have no problems hiring a Tech for 17.00 hr for a two week trial and making the three dollars per hour retroactive if they are the super Tech. they say they are. That allows for the option of keeping them on at a more realistic rate if they prove to be an average Tech.
    Hire at 20 and make 30 retroactive.

    Why people feel apprentice wages are acceptable fore a service tech is beyond belief.
    I will Tell YOu WHy, its Simple , they dont know how to run a business, and share the profits!or Growth! they dont look at the tech as part of the company, they look at the tech as getting them through the busy season, and over hiring is a good example of that in the summertime! and techs need to stop, work9ing for billable time and starving throught the slow seasons>! help these hvac businesses share and keep their promises! and if you dont negotiate what youre worth and need in the beginning , everything else afterwards is a lie! theres also, alot of techs that learn a little and see the potential and lie to make what they've seen others capable of, and then threre's service managers, that puts the reins on a super tech, and a company that cant close a sale and hinders the tech's, and that is what is called , high turnover and poor business-minded owners, short sighted and greedy, uninterested in any fresh ideas they could profit from, if the tech helps the company grow it should be a mutual relationship! and or partnership, if it is onesided, and the tech could never be good enough at a higher wage , its because the company would rather make most of the profits during the busy times than, slow down and have to pay out of their own profits, because , some techs milk it and turn into gypsies and cheat and lie and make the company look bad, and help them lose customers and then leave the company, for the next company! and some techs leave because, they need a steady income year round , keep the billable, and the extra, and give me a straight 40 year round salary! or a percentage of the growth!

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    "if the tech helps the company grow it should be a mutual relationship! and or partnership, if it is onesided, and the tech could never be good enough at a higher wage"

    Explain this to me?For real cause I dont get it.

    Am I suppose to be handing out buisness cards like crazy?Solicting new work for the company?Landing us the big contract and such?As a Service Tech?Doing this on my own time? Never had a Boss that would let me "go and try to land a contract" on company time!

    Or,Does this mean Doing a good Job,being a professional having customers compliment you and recommend YOU to new customers and such?

    Cause, I have done both and got Zilch in return!Then treated poorly and made to feel lucky they let me work there.

    To me, A Service Tech's job is not landing new work or getting a new contract thats Sales and marketing.Now, when the oppurtunity is there a Tech should take it like " you did a good job, wanna check out my other 3 buildings" or selling a needed unit when your already on the job.

    Why should I spend my free time just to keep myself working?

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    Spidy, that sounds pretty bitter. My boss asked that I hand out some cards when I'm not running a service call but it's going to be on the clock. Hey, thats not bad right? If the company is growing and you get a chance to become a supervisor or office manager it could be worth it right? Just curious cause you sound mad. tx
    It's a Leak!

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    Spidy's attitude

    and those like it are the reason that our profession is slowly going down the toilet. How dare my employer expect me to do my job to the best of my ability? Why not try to improve your worth to your employer by showing him how valuable you are, not by holding him hostage for the most money you can get for the least amount of ability.
    Yes I said "ability" if you posses the ability to be a good employee that includes doing what you can to insure the company is profitable. I hear so many people on the forum crying about not getting what there worth, when there attitude is exactly what detracts from there worth. If you owned your business, would you only do the least you could get away with when serving your customers, or would you provide a service that few other do with a smile on your face and a professional attitude thereby strengthening your company reputation so you can make more money?
    I have a service tech that has been with me now for about 7 months, great guy, customers love him, and even though side work is not forbidden in my company he considers it a conflict of interest. He genuinely cares about the success of my business and that makes me realize his value. Not only is this good for him but it can be good for fellow employees as well, he is currently at the top of our pay scale for his job, and has been given a key man status with benefits that are not offered to all employees but he continues to exhibit above average ability which will soon prompt me to increase the ceiling on our Tech. pay scale giving other techs the opportunity to make more money.
    Be a part of something besides your own self-indulgence.
    The big picture has been brought to you by Pioneer
    A woman has the last word in any argument
    Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

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    Pioneer sounds like you answered his question! We all need to be as valuable and professional as possible. The bitter people need to get of it or get out. Like you said your better Techs are better paid and their benifits are also better and you give them status. If it's not possible to change that attitude problem a career change is definatley due.
    It's a Leak!

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    just for information sake, be carefull believing or quoting those wage statistics you find on the computer. '' says that in our town average level 3 hvac mechanics make 47,899 a year....that would actually be the very high end of an employed tenured career. they give over 53 thou as the high end. (They are high I think). Another information source gives the average home price as being 150 thou, you cant touch a shack with a leaking roof for less than 195 thou here. Not that I think it is a bad thing to look at these sites and get an idea, but it is only that, an idea. You really need to talk to real residents to get an accurate picture of actual wage vs. cost of living. I know that in my area a really good tech, that is loyal and steady, can only expect to make 26 an hour from a loyal and generous employer with some benies. A hard working loyal, knowledgable installer can consider himself lucky to make 21 an hour, that only translates to just under 44 thou a year on my calculator

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