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    Confused Double stack Vulcan SG6c won't lite

    A set of used vulcan sg6c double ovens were just installed into a new location. These are the ovens with an electronic key pad on the right.
    A new gas line has been ran.
    The ovens were were attemped to be lit for the first time yesterday.
    The top oven's ignitor sparks, but the burner will only stay lit for
    approx. 20 seconds and then goes out. The ignitor will attempt to
    relight the burner and it again burns for about 20 seconds before
    going back out.
    The bottom oven worked fine yesterday.
    Today, it was lit, came up to temperature and held.
    Cakes were placed into the oven. When the doors are opened,
    the fan quits blowing inside. Once the cakes were placed and the
    oven doors were shut, the blower started back up, but the "no
    ignition" light came on. It never refired. The ignitor will spark, but
    will not light burner.
    The gas was turned off for 5 minutes, but it still wouldn't lite.
    The gas line was broke loose to make sure there wasn't air in the
    line. There is a gas donut fryer next to the ovens and it works fine
    and is on the same line.
    Does anyone know what may be causing the problem?

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    Check error code. Red led on ignition board. No DIY info per site rules. Sorry

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    Call for service...too many different things could be at fault....

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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    New ovens are under warranty and used ovens are just that USED! Call the installer or if you used Joe Blow call an experienenced service company and pay the piper. You have 10,000 dollars worth of equipment, so spending a few hundred dollars should be a bargain. Doing it on a shoe string isn't a good way to open a reastaurant. you end up hanging yourself by the shoestring. I see it all the time. Working with a new place now that paid a grand to breathe life into a neslected tabletopo steamer, then called rto say it wasn't working. It was working fine, but is two sizes too small. Do your research owners!

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    Call you local Hobart service office and they will be glad to repair under warranty if properly installed. Hobart does vulcan warranty.

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    This guy needed to check his power setting of the digital control, which will intermittently cycle the heat despite the temp setting. It's a unique feature Vulcan ovens employ.

    On conventional controls an infinite switch is connected in series with the tstat and is called LOAD CONTROL.

    On the Watlow digital control it's percent of power and has a button marked % which serves the same purpose. If set at anything other than 100% the heat is cycled on and off even when temp hasn't reached setpoint.

    Otherwise, yes he was having a gas flow problem and shouldn't have sought DIY advice. Usually people are so fearful of gas that they call for service no matter how simple the problem.

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    flame sensor probe most likely needs cleaned.


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