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    A few HVAC bid questions

    My current system is a Lennox HP19-411-1P compressor and CB19-41-1P air handler that has done well for 20+ years, but it's had a few problems with long defrost cycles this winter, and IMO it's not worth the money to fix it given its age, and this year's available tax credits. With that in mind, I've had a few contractors out to bid on a replacement HP.

    I have 3 bids so far, two for Lennox and one Goodman:

    Dealer 1:
    Lennox XP14-036-230 compressor
    Lennox CBX27UH-036-230 air handler
    (AHRI match 1292427, 13 EER, 15 SEER, 8.75 HSPF)
    15KW strip heat
    Honeywell FocusPro 6000 thermostat

    Dealer 2:
    Goodman SSZ16036 compressor
    Goodman ARUF04860 air handler
    15KW strip heat
    Digital thermostat (he didn't specify a model)

    Dealer 3:
    Lennox XP14-036-230 compressor
    Lennox CBX27UH-036-230 air handler
    (AHRI match 1292427, 13 EER, 15 SEER, 8.75 HSPF)
    10KW strip heat
    Honeywell FocusPro 6000 thermostat

    Anyway, my questions - both dealer 1 and 2 quoted 15KW of heat strips, but dealer 3 said that since I have a 70amp breaker on the current air handler that only 10KW would be appropriate given that the breaker's maximum sustained capacity is only 80% of max load. Does this sound correct? If not, how are heat strips typically sized for a heat pump?

    My second question relates to the second dealer's bid - I had asked specifically for a system that qualifies for the tax credit, but I was unable to find a match for the quoted system in the AHRI directory. He said the air handler is actually a 5 ton that can be adjusted to work with 3 ton compressors. Is this correct? And if so, are there any AHRI matches with that air handler? I couldn't find anything in my searches.

    One last question - according to what I've read, I believe the Lennox XP14 uses demand defrost rather than just straight timed. Does the Goodman also have this feature? Also, are these systems typically equipped with a TXV at the air handler?

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    Dealer 3 is looking at the job in more detail - Just have him back his work with a Manual J Heat-gain / Heat-Loss report ,, To make certain the equipment is correctly sized & have him offer more than 1 equipment brand ... The report can be done very easy if the contract knows his stuff.
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    Yes that is right the breaker should have only 80% of the max load... And you shouldnt hire a contractor who wont do a manual j.. When you hire the contractor you should ask for copys for your records..

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