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    Some older Johnson NCM controllers

    I have to go to a school site that has the Johnson controls Network Control Modules NCM I worked with them some ten years ago, and I must say I forgot a bit.If I recall I was using line code
    There are only Johnson UNT’s and DX controllers on the N2 network.What I am concerned with is the access of the NCM panels.I realize that they are older controllers There is not much available at the Johnson Controls Site.What software do I need to access them.?Can I use my older Companion facilitator software to access them?
    Most IMPORTANT of all,is how would I gian access to the login screen to login,they provided me with the user name and password.

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    If I remember correctly there should be a PC somewhere that is running the Johnson software to access these units. I don't recall ever seeing one that did not have a computer running their proprietary software. They used to charge big bucks for a service contract to merely keep the software up to date. The software itself is several thousand dollars. Your customer should have a PC somewhere that was tied into the PC.

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    As bob scheel said, you are hoping there is a workstation on site.

    If they are NCM300/350's and your are reallly lucky either the bottom (port-4) or top (port-2) 9pin serial port may be configured as an Operator Terminal port. You can try to connect with a DTC Null Modem Cable using Hyper terminal. 8 data bits, 1 stop bit no parity, 9600 baud.....if you're lucky !

    good luck !
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    Even if you get in with OT like CCI describes it sucks. I have dealt with OT's for years and still hate it with passion.
    If you can't find a PMI OWS are probably pretty much screwed.

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    Yeah, the hyperterminal interface is hard to navigate, and you dont get all the commands, but if there isnt a workstation you might get lucky with it being set up.also, a lot of the NCMs that are stand alone were set up for the network terminal, another tedious interface that uses a touchscreen, if you can call it that, and if the site is big, takes forever to navigate through. PMI software? You MIGHT get lucky and contact the local branch, see if there was software purchased at one time, and maybe you can get it replaced. No promises thought that would be the best solution. Is there a modem? Sometimes you can hyperterminal in if theres a modem.

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