Over breakfast this morning I read where AIG sold it's American Life Insurance division to Met Life for $15.5 BILLION to help pay back the taxpayer money that was given. Since part of my taxes was re-distributed to this BS, when can I expect MY money to be returned or will the proceeds decend into an Obama/ACORN slush fund?

Unfortunately none of the taxpayers will see a dime of the supposed "paybacks" from the bailouts. All we will see is more govt. intrusion into our lives and more taxes.

The only way short of an armed insurrection to fix this problem is to vote into office people who will represent us...and we have done just that. Our liberal reps and many of the RINOS only know how to make govt' bigger and bigger, literally sucking the life out of the country. To change the face of the elected govt', we need to go back to the founding father's rules on voting, such as you don't get to vote unless you have a vested interest in what you are voting on. An example would be unless you own property you do not get to vote to raise my property taxes and if you do not pay any income/SS or Medicare taxes, you do not get to vote for representatives who are more than happy to give an entitlement electorate what they want.

Sadly, I see the birthrate of responsible citizens drop and a huge increase in the birthrate of the entitlement/illegal segment of our country. A politician in Mexico said recently that Mexico will not have to result in an armed invasion to reclaim TX, AZ, NM and CA since the Mexican birthrate will enable them to takeover the entire gov't infrastructure in several decades.