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    Anybody catch this

    This is hot stuff....

    The Democrats don't give two hoots in h**l about the American public and health care. Its nothing more than a power grab to the max.

    Now if you have Media Player listen to Eric as he spills his guts over true Washington politics. Congress is totally out of control and dysfunctional.

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    Wouldnt son of the devils spawn be the devils grandson ???
    One things for _______ sure, ________ rock didnt land on ______ sorry ___. That ___ __ _ _____ wasnt nowhere near _______ a _______ years ago. __ aint even a ______, __ is half _______ and half ________.

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    Well since Rahm has duel citizenship he could be both.

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    If a Democrat is leaving a Republican will be voted in. Unless they just fill the seat till election time. Obama's health care plan still isn't going to pass.
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