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    Novar Controls Monitoring

    I have a customer with a Novar System who uses Direct Energy in Ottawa Canada to monitor and adjust their HVAC and Lighting. When I'm on site I am told to call the iControl Center (1-800-663-6391), they then dial into the site and can tell me which units are not operating. They can also force units to call which helps when testing during the maintenance, and reduces the time I have to Freeze my @$$ off on the roof. They can make all the units call for heat and look at the SAT, then tell me which units are not heating.
    They have also helped me through troubleshooting the Novar Modules and Sensors.

    I was not sure about calling the "Competition" at first, but the customer pays for the monitoring and Direct Energy tells me they deal with HVAC techs from all across the country on a daily basis and provide the same service.

    I'm not sure if they can just dial in to any site, but if they can they can get you out of a bind.
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    You need the system files for the site in order to call it up. While they may have sites all over the US, they cannot call up every site. Only ones they have installed and programmed or sites that they have the files for.

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    NOVAR in Ottawa must be Toys R Us , or Zellers both were MICHAEL MECHANICAL customers before DIRECT bought them out.

    All theThe TOYS R US in Ontario were monitored directly by NOVAR at 1 time. Tell customer its time to get new controls that you can have access to if no NATIONAL account involved.

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    Well Novar is actually a very good a durable line of controls. I worked a JCI of 5 years and I would have to say Novar controllers last longer in the field. Now Novar shut down their repair lab in 2008 but if you go to their web site I think its or something you can see they have started a repair program for the Logic 1 controllers again. Some peoples budgets can include a new HVAC controls system. I have trouble budgeting for a new pair of shoes lol. On top of that you can always remote access into an EP/2 and trouble shoot from of site. If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail and I would be more than happy to help you out with any questions. Im a JCI guy but I know a lot about Novar as well.

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