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    Thumbs up Opinions on Payne equipment...

    I am replacing a 5 ton unit at my home, and got the best price quote on a Payne unit (a heat pump-compressor outside, air handler in the garage). I have no idea what the quality is like on these units. Any opinions from the pros would be greatly appreciated.

    The last time I posted for opinions I received a lot of great advice, and I really do appreciate it. I was also informed that some of the units that I had been quoted prices on would not qualify for the tax rebate, even though I was told by the local installer that they would. Again, saving me a lot of money and time.

    So thank you in advance for taking the time to share your experience with me!


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    Payne is manufactured by Carrier. As for as better or worse; it ALL depends on the
    quality of installation.
    Do some asking around about this company if you haven't done business with them before and see what others say about their work.
    Anybody can install good equipment badly, but a pro will do it right the first time no matter what brand.

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    Make sure you get the certificate from the contractor showing the equipment proposed is matched and approved for the tax credit or any other rebates. It should be available on the manufacurer's website amoung other places. If the contractor cant or wont do that well then I would find one that can.

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