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    Post Chiller performance

    I have 8 chiller that made in 2001.
    I need to check the Air Cooled Chiller Performance and I will replace its if the performance is poor.

    Anyone could advice how to check and the device to measure the Chiller performance?

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    Sorry, not trying to be rude but call a qualified chiller service company to take a look at them for you. Too many factors go into chiller performance to explain over the internet to someone who may not be familiar with that type of work.

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    Easy, rip the 8 energy pigs out and put in 2-3 VFD centrifugal chillers in. You will drop the KW rating from probably 1.1 down to .5ish. Any time you see places like schools etc using air cooled's, especially higher tonnage ones, is because they are cheap.

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    KW per ton at design conditions.

    You should be able to get the design specs and compare your actual.

    Or just measure what you've got.
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