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    Want to replace split propane furnace / airconditioning system with heat pump

    I downgraded and moved into a much smaller house that came with a propane furnace. Our heating bills have been outrageous this winter. I'm in northern Alabama and granted the weather has been cold for us but I've always had a heat pump before and never even come close to a third of this bill. I've talked to several different dealers (Heil, Maytag, and Trane). I am so confused now, I'm not sure what to do.

    I'm talking about heat bills, but every estimate comes with a SEER rating. I can't seem to find the HSPF numbers. Isn't that supposed to be heating efficiency?

    If they have identical SEER rating, does that mean that they will pretty much use the same amount of electricity to cool?

    I'm looking at 2-ton units.

    As an example: Maytag M1200 series 2 ton 15 SEER split system heat pump

    How do I determine what is hype and what I really need?


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    Ask those contractors for the HSPF ratings of their proposed systems.
    You will also want to look at their COPS.
    Contractor locator map


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    hspf # will be lower than seer # on the same unit, heat pumps are less efficient in heat than cool they should be able to give you hspf # on the system you choose

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    AHRI Certified Reference Number: 3205299 Date: 3/4/2010
    Product: Split System: Heat Pump with Remote Outdoor Unit-Air-Source
    Outdoor Unit Model Number: DT4BE-024K
    Indoor Unit Model Number: C6B(A,H)-X24(C,U)-B
    Furnace Model Number: MB6V(*)B
    Manufacturer: MAYTAG

    Cooling Capacity (Btuh): 23400
    EER Rating (Cooling): 13.40
    SEER Rating (Cooling): 15.00
    Heating Capacity(Btuh) @ 47 F: 23600
    Region IV HSPF Rating (Heating): 8.50
    Heating Capacity(Btuh) @ 17 F: 14400

    HSPF isn't the greatest but EER is well above the requirement to get tax credit so more efficient in hot weather than many. SEER is efficiency over the whole cooling season but most of it comes from cool weather so a warmer climate can benefit from a higher EER. Heating capacity 23,600 is good, some can be light. Been putting quite a few of this system in under the Tappan name. Ought to see a huge savings over propane.

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