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    Gas Fireplace debate in our house

    Ok my wife wants a gas fp right now we have no fp at all. I spent 3k last yr on a hi eff NG furnace and I love it. She wants a gas FP and plans to use it alot

    We have a brick chimney thru the roof ( ranch house ) that I wanted to remove and shingle over. She doesnt like the idea of a metal chimney going thru the roof ( on the front roof )

    So heres my ?'s

    1) Hwo efficient are the gas FP's ?

    2) could I bump the fp into the attached garage and tap into the exsisting chimney ??

    If I bumped into the attached garage I would be on the same wall as the chimney but about 2ft away from it, could i 90 the pipe and run it horizonatal for 2ft then up the chimney ??

    Now if not is there any GOOD option for a vent free fp. She has asthma so I wonder if even the vented one may bother her,

    Whacha think

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    They are 50% - 80% efficient for the most part, every fireplace is different.

    There are some models I know of where it may be possible to vent it how you want.

    Check around with local dealers.

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    Go with a direct vent fireplace. They are on average 70% efficient, and completely sealed from your house. They are also very forgiving as far as what you can do for venting.

    They also make masonry chimney connectors so that it can draw fresh air from the existing chimney, and you would run a 4" flex liner up the same chimney for venting. I would contact your local FP dealer for more info. Most of the time, they do free estimates and can lay out your options for you.

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    One way to look at owning a gas fireplace is when the power goes out you will still have heat as most do not require electricity and you can look at the gas fireplace as an investment as it should increase the value of your property.
    Hey jwgagnon you have to watch when using the chimney adapters as we received a document from the test lab saying they will not allow the use of chimney adapters as they are not part of the test standards.

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