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    CHICAGO: Service sales guys help!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone,

    I am a Local 597 service fitter going to give service sales a try.Company is a union shop doing commercial and Industrial. This will be a non union salary position however. Anyone out there have an idea what the "normal" compensation package would be for someone like me? Sales guys help!!!
    I bring to the table automation, boiler/burner, ref, chiller, general hvac experience to the table. Been in the industry 15 years.
    Any feedback would be helpful.


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    Sales guys who sign contracts command whatever salary they want. The good ones are making $100k+ no matter where they are.

    Guys who can walk into a mechanical room, tell the customer exactly what is going on in their plant, price up, and close a contract to maintain and repair said plant are a rare breed and are priceless IMO.

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