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    My first heat with questions

    We recently renovated our attic space to create 2 large rooms. We had installed a 2 ton Whirlpool Heat Pump w/7.5kwh electric strip.

    I have never owned a Heat Pump before, so I am new to all of this. It appears the Heat Pump is always running?? I have set the temp in the attic to 68 and the Heat Pump seems to run constantly.

    It has been cold here in MA (low 30's to 40's) but I was not sure if the Heat pump is trying to maintain the heat at 67? The attic is insulated well (spray foam) and the aux heat does not kick on unless there is a 3 degree temp differential...from my understanding. I have tested this and the aux does come on if I set the temp 3 degrees higher…

    Is this what I can expect from the Heat Pump? to be constantly on? I would image that this would do some damage to the electric bill??

    Sorry for asking these newbie questions, I just want to get a feel for what everyone thinks..


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    A heat pump will run continuously at the balance point of your home (in your case, the renovated attic).

    When the heat pump cannot maintain the setpoint, a good digital thermostat will cycle the aux electric heat on / off while the heat pump is running (the temp does not have to drop 3 degrees - that was true with old mercury thermostats).

    Heat pumps provide cheap heat.

    Example: my 3-ton 14 SEER / 9 HSPF condenser is rated to draw 2.6 kw at 35F ambient. At 15 cents per kw-hr delivered electric rate, that's 39 cents per hour operating cost.

    Take care.

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    Before we get to concerned, measure the return air temperature and supply air temperature without the auxullary heat on and report back. Make sure your air filter is clean and all of the registers are open. Run the system at least 10 minutes before you record the temps. Use the same thermometer.

    Is this a new heat pump? Your installing contractor should check it at no charge if you feel it's not right.

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    What's the approximate sq ft? How much in the way of windows? A 2 ton should be able to heat a good sized area with foam insulation. Friend did 1600+ sq ft foamed house with heat pump only down to 30 out. Backup was locked out.

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    Thank you for your responses.
    The attic is about 875 sq ft and has 5 windows (reg size). The attic was sprayfoamed and we used fiberglass as well.

    I have a Braeburn 3200 stat and all i was told was that when the temp drops 3 degrees (this was manually set) the aux would come on. I am getting the manual for teh Braeburn online to see if there is any settings I should be looking at? I just was not familar with the Heat pump constantly running...but I guess that is normal?

    thanks for everyones help.

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