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    Need suggestions on replacing 12 year old Carrier Heatpump 38BYC

    My Carrier Heatpump 38BYC has been reliable but my A coil has a leak , as this unit is R-22 I have a decision to make....replace the A-Coil and hope the Heatpump lasts a few more years OR...replace the A coil with the new refrigerant type (R410A) and replace the condenser unit outdoors that uses the new refrigerant.

    What are your suggestions?

    How much does an equivilant replacement 38BYC that uses the new refrigerant type cost? What is the model number?

    If I just replace the A-Coil with the R-22 type and my 38BYC plays out, are these particular units still available?

    I don't want to get into a situation where I spend $ to replace the A-Coil and then my 38BYC plays out and I'm forced to change the coil again to support the new refrigerant type.

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    Have them check,there are coils ,from Carrier, that will work with both.

    Rplacing the system could net you a $1500 Fereral tax credit this year that likely won't be there next year.

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    I would go ahead and replace both with R22 equipment now.

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    Other considerations, how old is existing equip., how long do you plan on living there, some states & utility comp's.are offering rebates in addition to fed. tax credits.

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    i would change to the 410 refrigerant. r-22 price is just going up and not going to stop.why put good money towards bad.if you do change to puron or 410a make sure you get a tin platted coil.the copper isn't as good as it use to be. china

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